Priority Use & Quiet Policy

This policy has been implemented at the request of students to maintain the library as a quiet place conducive to academic study and work.  Since other locations on campus cannot provide the same resources and physical design for quiet work as the library, students seeking areas for extended personal conversation should consider the Commons, Cyber Café, or other locations without conflicting purposes.  All library users should be mindful of their own conduct and conversation in the library, and how it may be impacting those seeking a quiet place to work.

  1. All library users are expected to help maintain a quiet, research/study environment.
  2. Cell phone calls and extended personal conversation should be taken outside of the library. Please turn cell phones to vibrate or off.
  3. Library computers are intended primarily for academic uses in support of coursework. The Cyber Cafe located in the Commons is available for recreational computing purposes. Laptops are available to checkout for use in the library or elsewhere on campus.
  4. Those who are passing through the library as a "shortcut" between the West parking lot and the Main Building are responsible for maintaining a quiet atmosphere as well. Please hold your conversation until you exit.
  5. Groups are encouraged to work in the library study rooms. However, please note that these rooms are not soundproof. Quiet work, in consideration of others who may be working nearby, is required of study room groups as well.
  6. The volume level on headphones or earbuds should be kept low while in the library.
  7. Library staff reserve the right to require student IDs or other identification from library users, in order to verify identity and student or guest status.
  8. Individuals who do not comply with these and other library guidelines will, at a minimum, be directed to leave the library. Repeated failure to follow the guidelines will, at a minimum, result in loss of campus library privileges.

Students are encouraged to let others know when their conversation or activities are disturbing them, and to politely request that they work more quietly. However, please also feel welcome to contact library staff at the front desk or via e-mail for assistance at any time. In particular, please report all complaints of continued, repeated disruption to library staff.

Please direct questions and comments regarding this policy to Jeff Ellair, Library Director.