Guidelines for the Use of Library Computers

  1. Computers in the library are intended primarily for the use of currently-enrolled UW-Sheboygan and collaborative degree students, to conduct research and do work required to complete course assignments.
  2. Individuals not currently enrolled as UW-Sheboygan or collaborative degree students are welcome to use the library desktop computers, but they must adhere to all established usage policies (see the rules on the computer desktops). These individuals may be asked to vacate a computer at any time, as necessary, in order to make equipment or software available for UWS or collaborative degree students.
  3. Students and non-students should refrain from playing computer games, watching online videos, conducting extensive online personal chat sessions, or engaging in other non course-related recreational activities on library computers. Students may conduct this activity in the campus Cyber Café located in the Commons. Non-students are referred to off-campus resources for this activity. Anybody using library computers for these activities may be asked to leave at any time, particularly if they are disturbing others who are working on course assignments, or in order to make equipment or software available for UWS or collaborative degree students who need to complete course assignments.
  4. All computer and library users are expected to help maintain a quiet, research/study environment in the library. In order to maintain a quiet library environment, it may not be possible to work on group projects together at the desktop computers in the library. Students may wish to borrow a laptop computer from the library front desk and work in the study rooms or elsewhere on campus instead. (Note that study rooms are not soundproof. Quiet work, in consideration of others working nearby, is required of study room groups as well.)
  5. Users may not install, remove, or alter software or in any way alter the configuration of the computers. This includes downloading/installation of browser plugins, instant messenger clients, etc. Student requests to install programs/software not currently available on the computers should be directed to Jane Donlon, CASE Associate. Non-students are referred to off-campus resources in order to accomplish any functions that cannot be completed with the software presently installed on the campus computers.
  6. Library staff reserve the right to require student IDs or other identification from computer and library users, in order to verify identity and student or guest status.
  7. Individuals who do not comply with these guidelines will, at a minimum, be asked to leave the computers and/or library. Repeated failure to follow the guidelines will, at a minimum, result in loss of computer and/or library privileges.