Student Government

UW-Sheboygan has a student government and a collegium comprised of faculty, staff and students.

UW-Sheboygan SGA

Legal to Participate

The UW-Sheboygan Student Government Association (SGA) is a result of the Wisconsin State Statute 36.09 (5), which gives students the legal obligation to participate in campus governance. SGA is the official student voice of the UW-Sheboygan campus. An organization that provides a great avenue for utilizing leadership and organizational skills, SGA promotes the general welfare and interest of the student body and UW-Sheboygan.

Allocating Resources

SGA has made the campus Student Life and Interests Committee (SLIC) responsible for allocating more than $130,000 in segregated university fee dollars annually to campus clubs and organizations. SGA also advocates on behalf of students on the national, state and local levels for adequate financial aid and other issues through the efforts of the UW System United Council.

Committee Representation

SGA members also serve as representatives on a number of campus Collegium committees, or appoint students to serve on these committees. Committees with active student representation include Aids, Awards & Appeals (AAA), Student Life and Interests (SLIC), Appointments, Athletics, Curriculum, Steering, and others.

Activity Planning and Leadership

In addition to its governance functions, SGA also is active in planning student activities on campus, including the Fall Kick-Off and Spring Picnic celebrations. The group also serves as a source of leadership development, offering a monthly Leaders Lunch for student organization leaders and a Student Organizations Information Fair to encourage membership and participation in campus clubs and organizations.

For information, contact: or contact the Solution Center at 459-6633. Meetings held at noon in the Student Organizations Room (above the Commons). Specific meeting days are determined by the Student Government Association Senators each term.

Students also have a voice in the statewide institutional governance structure. The UW Colleges Student Governance Council elects three representatives and three alternates who sit on the statewide UW Colleges Senate.

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