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Accessibility Services

UW-Sheboygan strives to meet the needs of all our students. Direct questions about accessibility services to Student Affairs  at 920-459-6633 or

Visit the accessibility services page on the UW Colleges administrative website to learn more about accessibility services and policies that apply to all UW Colleges campuses.

Health & Wellness

The University provides a range of services to support student health and wellness including alcohol and drug educationand counseling services. Students who aren't already covered through a family member's policy are encourged to sign up for health insurance.

Ebola Information

Although the Ebola virus poses no immediate threat to the general United States population, it is important to be aware of any changes in your health if you have recently traveled to one of the countries where the Ebola outbreak is occurring (currently Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and the Republic of the Congo) and to seek immediate medical care.  For further information please check the UW Colleges and UW-Extension Health Information page.

Little Wolf Blastomycosis Outbreak

The State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS), Division of Public Health (DPH) has requested assistance disseminating information to college and university student health services about the blastomycosis outbreak

You may be aware that there is an ongoing outbreak of blastomycosis occuring in WI associated with activities (tubing, kayaking) on the Little Wolf River near New London, WI.  This is a popular activity, with thousands of persons doing the tubing trip on a summer weekend.  The mean age of our cases is about 23 years, so many of them are of college age.

We would like to ensure that providers at student health services in colleges & universities throughout Wisconsin are aware of this outbreak and maintain a high index of suspicion for blastomycosis among persons who present with compatible clinical signs and symptoms – especially those with a history of exposure to this river.  Attached is a provider alert that we distributed back on 8/7/15 which outlines clinical presentation, diagnosis, and reporting. 

To update the outbreak information for you, as of 8/25/15, the Wisconsin Division of Public Health is aware of 26 confirmed cases of blastomycosis and 22 probable cases.  There are additional persons who have visited the Little Wolf River area and have compatible illnesses of varying severity, but whose tests are pending or negative.  There are also exposed symptomatic persons who have not yet sought medical evaluation.

Exposures resulting in illness have occurred from the Memorial day weekend into July.  With a 2-15 week incubation period, it’s likely that we will see more cases – some of whom may not even be ill at this time.  Some of these individuals may develop symptoms after returning to their college or university and may present at university health services.

Updated information can be found on the DHS blastomycosis webpage at

If you develop symptoms including cough, fever, chills, muscle aches, joint pain or chest pain, visit your health care provider immediately.


Returning Adult Students

UW-Sheboygan welcomes adult students. At UW-Sheboygan, we've helped lots of adults achieve their goals and dreams. Whether you seek a new or enhanced career, want to take a course for intellectual enrichment or something in-between, you can do it and we can help.

Student Affairs Office

The Office of Student Affairs provides comprehensive assistance to prospective and current students in the areas of admission, financial aid, advising, orientation, placement testing, disability services, tutoring services and student activities.

Advisors are available to help students learn about, degree options, majors, academic requirements, and the process of transferring. Help is also available in assessing career goals, planning a return to school, adjusting to academic life, or other areas of concern relevant to beginning or returning to college.

Student Handbook & Policies

As a UW-Sheboygan student, you have certain rights and responsibilities respecting your relationship with your fellow students and the University. The rules, regulations and policies you will find in this booklet are intended to foster an environment of mutual respect for you and your fellow students and to enhance the educational environment of your campus. Here you will find information about federal and state laws, UW System and UW Colleges regulations, policies and procedures that pertain to you and your life on campus.

Student Handbook

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Please see the Policies section in the UW Colleges Catalog for information about academic policies.

Voting Guide

Voting is both a right and a responsibility for an engaged citizen. UW-Sheboygan encourages everyone to exercise the right to vote.

A photo ID will be required at the polls for upcoming elections. Most UW-Sheboygan students will still be able to use a Wisconsin driver’s license or State of Wisconsin ID, which already meet voter ID requirements.

Free Voter ID cards can be obtained by UW-Sheboygan students at the Student Affairs/Solution Center office.

For complete information on voting as a student please check out the University of Wisconsin System Voting Guide.

Internships and Service Learning Opportunities

UW-Sheboygan accepts listings for service learning and internship opportunities for students in the Sheboygan County area. Check here for a variety of opportunities to support your academic experience.

At-Risk Youth Mentors
Children & Family Resource Unit
Sheboygan County Health & Human Services Dept.
Phone: (920) 459-3257  Fax: (920) 459-4009