"Sweat: The Fountain of Youth" Lecture at UW-Sheboygan

Preserving youth is topic of May 2nd lecture
By UW-Sheboygan

J. Dalberg
          Jared Dalberg
    Associate Professor
Health, Exercise Science
          and Athletics

The mysterious fountain of youth. Throughout time, mankind has had an endless desire to find an elusive elixir or bath ‐ that promises to restore youthful vigor to those who find it. More recently, the fountain of youth has shifted from an actual fountain, to preserving our youth through art, cosmetics, and diets. If you are interested in learning how you can find your very own Fountain of Youth, then the May lecture at UW‐Sheboygan is for you!

Sweat: The Fountain of Youth will be presented as part of UW‐Sheboygan’s Speakers’ Series at 7pm on Tuesday, May 2. Jared Dalberg, Associate Professor of Health, Exercise Science and Athletics, will explain how “the fountain of youth is already within us and is expressed through sweat induced by exercise.” Admission is free and everyone is welcome to attend the one‐hour lecture.  

Dalberg will discuss the traditional understanding of exercise and aging. He’ll also explain the transformational power of sweat and the physiological adaptations that are triggered by exercise. Dalberg has taught for the UW Colleges for the past ten years. His classes are mainly at the UW‐Manitowoc campus, but he’s also taught at UW‐Sheboygan as well as online. He earned a M.Ed. in Health & Physical Education from Augusta State University in Augusta, GA, and completed his undergraduate studies at UW‐ LaCrosse. 

The one‐hour lecture takes place in the Wombat Room (Room 2114) on the UW‐Sheboygan campus, located at One University Drive in Sheboygan. The Speaker’s Series presents a new topic each month (September – May) that is discussed in an open forum format. Admission and parking are free. For directions to the campus or more information, visit www.sheboygan.uwc.edu


Sue Bausch, Regional Director of Communications