Distinguished Service Awards Announced

By Sue Bausch

UW-Sheboygan Campus Foundation recently presented Distinguished Service Awards to Dr. Mark Karau, Professor of History and Ann LaForce, Regional Executive Assistant. The awards honor service that exceeds all expectations. This service can be to shared governance, student success, campus functions, campus life and/or the campus as a whole.

Dr. Mark Karau
  Dr. Mark Karau

In addition to teaching a full slate of history classes, Dr. Karau serves as campus Steering Chair. In this role, he has contributed countless hours to the restructuring process with UW-Green Bay.  According to Dr. Jackie Joseph-Silverstein, Regional Executive Officer who presented the award, “Mark’s strong focus for the future of the campus, student success and the shared governance process is admirable.”


Ann LaFroce
      Ann LaForce

Ann LaForce has been noted as the “glue that holds the campus together” – the go-to person when questions pop up from faculty, staff or students and the organization master of campus. In presenting the award, Dr. Silverstein stated, “Ann’s dedication to the campus as well as her willingness to help in nearly any capacity speaks strongly to the additional roles she takes on. Without Ann, the region and the campus would not run as smoothly as it does.”




Sue Bausch, Regional Director of Communications