Student Employment

Students must be enrolled at UW-Sheboygan or have been accepted for such enrollment for any on-campus employment.  Work Study Students must be enrolled at least half time; Regular Student Payroll Students must be enrolled for at least three (3) credits.  

Preference will always be given to hiring Work Study elegible students before hiring Regular Student Payroll students.

Prior to any student employment on campus, students must have a completed I-9 Form on file, along with a photo ID and a copy of their Social Security card, Birth Certificate or Visa.

All students receiving Federal Work Study and regular student employment positions on the University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan campus are subject to a criminal background check.

Federal Work-Study Employment

The Federal Work Study Program offers part-time student employment based on demonstrated financial need. (Some full time work may be available in the summer.) Work Study students are employed on campus.

Eligibility for Federal Work Study is determined from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid as part the financial aid package awarded to the student.

Students who qualify for the Federal Work Study program are notified in their financial aid award letter and invited to contact Business Services about available positions on campus.

Work study students are hired for hours which fit around their class schedules and are paid bi-weekly.

For further information, please contact the Solution Center at 920-459-6633.

Regular Student Payroll Employment

Students do not need to have work study or display financial need to apply.

All on-campus students are paid with funds directly deposited to their savings or checking accounts based on their number of hours worked.

Below is a list of possible departments and areas that may have student positions available in the coming academic year. (To determine if you are ELIGIBLE for Federal Work Study, please see Business Services.

To apply for a position, access the Student Employment Application Form print a copy of the form, and submit to the Business Services Office. For more information about a department or a possible position, please see the list below and contact Vince Arenal for more information at 920-459-6693.

Athletics Dept. - Looking to hire 5 work study eligible students. Must be able to work evening games. 

Art Dept. -  

Biology Dept. -  

Box Office - Looking to hire 1 work study eligible student. Must be available to work days & evenings of productions. Cash handling & Customer Service experience helpful.

Business Services -  

Commons Cafe -   

Custodial Support - Looking to hire 3 work study eligible students. Must be available to work evenings Monday through Thursday. Normal work hours are 5pm - 9pm.


Music Dept. -  Looking to hire 1  work study eligible students.

Student Success Center - Looking to hire Tutors and Note-Takers.

Solution Center -  Looking to hire 1 work study eligible students.

Theatre -  Looking to hire 2 work study eligible students.

University Relations -   

Writing Center -  Looking to hire tutors.