biology class
music student at piano
fire experiment in chem class
teacher giving lecture


UW-Sheboygan is a campus of UW Colleges. These freshman and sophomore colleges are part of the world class University of Wisconsin System.

Our campus offers the essential freshman and sophomore curriculum to prepare you for transfer to a bachelor's degree program with a major in almost any field you choose.

The freshman and sophomore campuses of the UW Colleges specialize in general education and foundation courses for over 200 college majors. You can earn your Associate of Arts and Science here. We also offer bachelors or master degrees through collaborative programs with other universities.

UW-Sheboygan is also a partner in the Alternative Careers in Teaching (act!) program, which is a teacher licensure program designed for working professionals. Area residents hoping to enter a middle or high school classroom as a teacher of mathematics or science are encouraged to explore this program.