Top 10 Reasons to Attend

UW-Sheboygan offers the advantages of both a small, private college and a publicly funded university! It is your best start to a University of Wisconsin degree and a wealth of job and career opportunities.

  1. A first-class UW education from experienced faculty who are dedicated to teaching
  2. Affordable tuition — lowest tuition in the UW System — save $$ for the junior and senior years and graduate school
  3. Personal attention in small classes — faculty & staff get to know you and help you with admissions, financial aid and academic advising
  4. The UW Guaranteed Transfer Program
  5. Hundreds of major and career options — the best start on over 200 majors
  6. Flexible class schedules — days and evenings throughout the year
  7. Save money on living expenses — if you're already from Sheboygan, you can live at home, keep your job, and keep your friends
  8. State-of-the-art facilities, including high tech classrooms, science laboratories, computer labs and a new award-winning library
  9. Extracurricular participation and leadership opportunities (newspaper, sports, theater, music, student government, special-interest clubs)
  10. Partnerships with UW four-year campuses in bachelor’s degree completion programs, a master’s degree program in Education and the Madison Connections Program