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University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan

Fine Arts Gallery


The Fine Arts Gallery is located inside the Fine Arts Building, just outside the Theater entrance. Throughout the academic year and during the summer months, a variety of art exhibits are rotated through this gallery. All students, faculty, staff and the public are welcome and encouraged to visit the gallery and experience the artworks on display. Check this page for updates on upcoming art exhibits, or contact Gallery Director Dan Smith.


2014 Exhibition Schedule

February 7 - 28
Liz Lange Paintings


March 14 - 28
High School UW-S Scholarship and Art Competition


April 4 - 25
Kerry Kauzter Artwork


May 2 - 30
Artwork from University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan Art Students


September 5 - 26
Steve Bossler Artwork


October 3 - 31
Vern Kittler Artwork


Images of the people and places of UW-Sheboygan County