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University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan

Multiple UW System Campus Enrollment/Tuition Waiver

Frequently, students enroll at more than one UW System institution during the same session. Students enrolled for more than a combined total of 12 credits at these UW System institutions may be eligible for a partial tuition waiver*, however , this partial waiver does not apply to students in several of our collaborative degree programs. If, for example, the program at the other UW institution does not recognize the credit plateau, then this waiver would not be applicable. Students should verify with their program administrators to determine if the credit plateau is recognized by the policy.


Undergraduate students who enroll for more than a total of 18 credits will be assessed the per credit fee for all credits over 18. Credits taken by students enrolled at more than one UW System institution can be combined in order to determine their tuition total.*


NOTE: To be compliant with UW Colleges policies regarding tuition, if a student fails to meet the 10th day payment deadline, a $100 mandatory late fee must be assessed to any outstanding balance after the 10th day.


If the undergraduate credit plateau (12 through 18 credits) is achieved at the first institution, no additional tuition will be assessed by the second institution unless the total credits exceed 18 credits. When the credit plateau is not achieved at the first institution, the second will charge the per credit rate until the credit plateau is reached. At no time will the credit plateau tuition be less than the lowest nor more than the highest credit plateau tuition of the institutions involved.* The first institution shall be generally defined as the one enrolled in for a degree.


Although tuition may be adjusted at one institution, all segregated fees are assessed by each campus.


*If the student is seeking a tuition waiver from UW Sheboygan, it is his/her responsibility to present evidence of enrollment from their other UW institution, including credits/course listing and fees, to the UW Sheboygan Business Services office. Being enrolled at multiple campuses does not automatically decrease tuition costs at one or another campus.


Concurrently enrolled students, who are not UW Sheboygan degree-seeking students, have two options for payment of tuition at UW Sheboygan: 1) Pay entire balance by term specified due date, or 2) participate in the Credit Agreement (payment plan).


Effective 03-01-2009 Fee Deferment and Bookstore Charge Requests cannot be approved for non-UW Colleges financial aid recipients. That is, if you are not receiving financial aid through a two-year UW Colleges campus, fees and book charges cannot be deferred pending receipt of financial aid.


ALL questions regarding concurrent enrollment tuition and potential tuition waivers should be directed to Business Services.


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