Community Access to Library Computers

Per the campus computer use policy, and library and campus access policies, members of the Sheboygan area community are welcome to use the general access computers located in the library. Occasional users of this privilege will generally be logged-on to the computer network by library staff with a generic "guest account."

However, in order to improve security, maximize use of staff time, and recover printing costs, frequent users of the library general access computers will be assigned their own individual network logons and printing quotas. After assignment of a personal logon, a community user should log on independently using his/her unique username and password, on every succeeding visit to use a library computer.

Community users with accounts who wish to print will need to purchase printing capacity at the Business Services Office (Room 2201). Each page printed to a black and white printer deducts $.05 from the printing account. Each page printed to a color printer deducts $.15

The Director of the Library will be responsible for identifying frequent users and will obtain the personalized logons from the Network Administrator. After a logon is created, a library staff member will meet with the community user to relay the identification information, explain procedures, and deliver computer use policy information.

Identification of an individual as a "frequent user" will be at the discretion of the Director of the Library, but will be guided by usage history as logged on the "Guest Log-In Sheet." Three or more usages in a month (logged-on as a guest) would support identification as a frequent user. Fewer visits but with regular heavy printing activity (more than 10 pages per visit) would also be a specific reason to consider assignment of a personal logon.

All computer users are responsible for following the Guidelines for the Use of Library Computers.