College Preparation

College Preparation

We are working to develop college preparation programs for students who wish to strengthen their preparation for college-level work.

Self-Directed Online ACT Prep Course


UW-Sheboygan's Online ACT Prep Course empowers students to prepare for the ACT on their own time. This prep course offers a great option for students who want 24/7 access and a more flexible schedule.

Begin the course by taking an online pre-test to determine what areas you should focus your efforts on and then take up to five months to complete the self-paced course. Even if you need to prepare for the ACT test sooner, you have that flexibility and also the opportunity to continue the prep since you have access anytime within the five months. The course allows you work on modules and receive immediate feedback from quizzes for each of the five test sections. When you have completed the lessons, you’ll take another online assessment that will assess how much you’ve improved.
The ACT must be scheduled separately by visiting

Tuition: $149.00
Enrollment is ongoing, Register for the online ACT prep course.