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Continuing Education

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The ever changing world that we live in, the ability to adapt and keep an open mind are some of the most valued. These abilities are best established by lifelong learning. Learning is a process that should never stop. It helps us to grow continuously and face the challenges that life throws our way with a brave face and prepared mind.

"Never Stop Learning Because Life Never Stops Teaching"


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Volleyball Camps - Summer 2016

UW-Sheboygan is happy to announce that Wombat Girl' Volleyball Camps are coming back for Summer 2016.

Grade 9, 10, 11 and 12(Advanced) - August 9th-August 11th

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For any questions please contact our main Regional Continuing Education office at: 262-521-5460



I would like to support Continuing Education. Can I make a monetary donation?

Yes! All monetary donations are appreciated and go towards Continuing Education’s Program Fund. We rely on donations to help us provide quality programs for the community. You can easily add a donation in our online registration system during your checkout or by calling our office at 262-521-5460.