Student Life

Student Activities and Clubs

At UW-Sheboygan, getting involved in extracurricular activities and other campus events will open up another dimension of college life for you. Campus activities will allow you to develop new skills, build your resume, increase leadership potential, and create new friendships.

UW-Sheboygan offers you opportunities larger campuses often do not. As a freshman or sophomore, you may be an editor of the campus newspaper or literary magazine, chair committees composed of faculty and students, serve as president of one of a variety of clubs, earn a starring role in a theater production, or be a starter on the basketball team.

If you would like to get involved in campus decision making, you might run for student government or volunteer for faculty/student committees. If you are competitive by nature, try varsity basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer or golf. If you prefer a friendly game, intramural sports might be your choice. You might even help organize a club sports team!

Start a New Club or Organization

Don't see a club or activity in which you have an interest?

Start a new campus organization!

Examples of clubs formed in the recent past because of student interest include Student Veterans of America, Esprite Dancers, Service Club, Health & Wellness Club and more. What about a club related to your intended major? Invite speakers, take tours, and meet people in your profession-to-be. Or what about starting a chapter of a club you've been involved in before? Money is available to help new clubs get started. All you need is a group of 4 interested students and a faculty or staff advisor to get started!

For information, contact Patrick Neuenfelt, the Student Life Advisor, in Room 4203 (or Student Affairs) or call 459-4425, or see a member of the Student Government Association (SGA).