Computer Labs

Computers are available for student use in the following locations;
  • Library and 1120 lab.
  • SSC (Room 3108)
  • Cyber Cafe
  • Room 7001 - Art/Music/Engineering/Computer Science software available.

Summer Session Hours

The Cyber Cafe is closed in the summer. Computers are available in the SSC or the library during their open hours.

Email code of Ethics

  1. I understand that use of UWC email is a privilege, not a right. My email privileges may be limited or revoked at any time.
  2. I understand that my email account is good for the semester only.
  3. I will not consider email 100% private.
  4. I agree to conduct myself in a professional manner when sending email. I understand that my actions will reflect upon this institution and on the university system as a whole.
  5. I will not give my password to anyone else because I know I will be held responsible for all email sent from my account and further understand that this action would result in my email privileges being revoked.

UW System Computer Use Policy
UW Colleges Computer Use Policy