UW-Sheboygan graduates Class of 2014

By UW-Sheboygan

For Ben Salzmann, innovation, empowerment, trust and fun are the recipe for success.

“I was never the first choice of any job I had, and I never contemplated being a CEO,” said Salzmann, president and CEO of ACUITY Insurance and UW-Sheboygan Foundation Board member. “And I’m not done surprising myself.”

Salzmann addressed the class of 2014 Thursday, May 22, 2014,  as the keynote speaker for the University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan 2014 Commencement Ceremony, held before a packed crowd in the UW-Sheboygan Fine Arts Theatre.

Surrounded by members of the Class of 2014, Salzmann told graduates the five ideals that guide him throughout his life:

  • Don’t screw it up;
  • Fail by action and not by passive fear;
  • Be persistent – even if you are not someone’s first choice;
  • Always have fun; and
  • Reach out to the next generation.

Salzmann said that ACUITY is embarking on a multi-million expansion in 2014, which will include adding 175 new college graduates to the ACUITY workforce – something he said he is confident will only make his company stronger.

“ACUITY is conducting a social experiment. We are going to see if (the Millenials) are capable of succeeding and setting the world on fire,” Salzmann told graduates.

Highlighted by Salzmann’s inspirational address, the University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan graduated 109 students in the campus’s annual commencement ceremony. Class of 2014 graduates and several collaborative bachelor’s degree graduates participated in the hour-long ceremony.

UW-Sheboygan graduates from the Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Winterim 2014 and Summer 2014 terms were honored with associate of arts and sciences (AAS) degrees by UW-Sheboygan Dean Dr. Joseph-Silverstein. Ten graduates from UW-Sheboygan’s collaborative degree programs, including UW-Milwaukee and UW Oshkosh also received their Bachelor’s degrees as part of program.

This year’s commencement ceremony also celebrated the first two graduates in the growing UW-Platteville collaborative Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree program available on the UW-Sheboygan campus. The program will be further enhanced with the construction of the Plastics Engineering Company Center for Engineering Studies building, set to break ground in early fall.

The evening also featured two student speakers, 2014 Graduate of the Year Iakovos “Jake” Balassi of Sheboygan and 2014 Valedictorian Cody Dorn of Kiel. Both shared their own words of inspiration to their fellow graduates as they move on to the next step in their educational careers.

According to Balassi, it took walking into a classroom at UW-Sheboygan before he really found out who he wanted to be.

“The faculty and staff at UW-Sheboygan have given me something I had never experienced before. In class discussion, I learned how the real world works,” Balassi said. “College is about learning about the world around you. Go out and make a difference. It’s time to start dreaming and time to start doing.”

Valedictorian Cody Dorn told his fellow graduates that college has helped push him out of his comfort zone, which has helped shape a foundation for future career success.

“It’s OK to admit your flaws,” Dorn said. “Use them to your advantage. We can’t be overconfident in ourselves. We must stay honest with ourselves. When you wake up every morning, say ‘this is my goal and I’m going to make it happen.’”

UW-Sheboygan graduates, family, friends and guests enjoyed a festive reception in the Student Commons after the commencement ceremony, featuring cake, punch and family photos.


UW-Sheboygan Class of 2014

*graduate has a 3.5 GPA or higher.

**graduating member of Phi Theta Kappa honor society


Jacob Paul Albright                                         Sheboygan

Leah Jo Allen                                                   Sheboygan

Michelle Lynn Anklam                                   Manitowoc

Iakovos Balassi* **                                         Sheboygan

Amber LeAnn Beardsley*                               Sheboygan

Michelle Marie Beinemann                           Sheboygan

Bradley D. Bichler                                           Saukville

Jacob Gary Boening                                        Glenbeulah

Ashley Brooke Bratz                                        Manitowoc

Matthew Kenneth Brulla                                Sheboygan

Cassandra Marie Brunette                             Kiel

Toni Lynette Capello                                       Hingham

Collin Patrick Carey                                        Sheboygan Falls

Ivan Castillo                                                    Sheboygan

Christine Laddavane Chang                            Sheboygan

Anthony Thomas Christel                                Kiel

Jordan Taylor Clark                                         Sheboygan

Sawyer T. Daane                                             Oostburg

Danielle Jo DeHaai                                         Cedar Grove

Kelly Jean DenBoer**                                     Sheboygan

Jennifer Lynn DenDekker**                            Sheboygan

Cody Francis Dorn* **                                    Kiel

Jerome Anthony Duenk                                   Sheboygan

Iris Ehaney                                                      Sheboygan

Emmielito Lumibao Elnar*                             Sheboygan

Alexandria Kay Emmer                                   Sheboygan

Roxane C. Frank* **                                       Random Lake

Joseph Thomas Fredericks**                          Sheboygan Falls

Emily Helen Freis**                                        Newton

Megan Marie Freitag                                     Sheboygan Falls

Sarah Ann Gabrielse                                       Sheboygan

Grace E. Garni                                                 Plymouth

Sarah R. Gorsuch*                                          Belgium

Joshua Dale Gruenke*                                    Sheboygan

Brett Gary Gutschow                                      Plymouth

Austin Herbert Haack*                                   Sheboygan

Steven Hameister                                           Sheboygan

Aleah Elizabeth Hill**                                     Kiel

Carl James Hintzelman                                   Sheboygan

Nicole Ashley Holk                                          Waldo

Elliot Vincent Humiston                                  Sheboygan

Erik Thomas Ignatowski                                  Sheboygan

Julie A. Janicek                                                Kiel

Aaron Eli Jarosh                                              Plymouth

Austin Johnson                                                Cleveland

Kyle James Kallas*                                          Sheboygan

Jason Alan Karls                                              Sheboygan

Betsy Ann Klauck                                             Sheboygan

Benjamin Harold Koenigs                               Glenbeulah

Austin Dennis Korff*                                       Kiel

Leigh Avery Langum                                       Plymouth

Nathan Ledvina*                                             Sheboygan

Breg Lee                                                          Sheboygan

G Ger Lee                                                        Sheboygan

Houa Lee                                                         Sheboygan

Yer Lee                                                             Sheboygan

Iuliia Levchuk*                                               Sheboygan Falls

Zachary Daniel Lichucki* **                           Oostburg

D’Anne Loman*                                              Cedar Grove

Joseph Michael Lorenz                                   Sheboygan Falls

Timothy MacDonald*                                     Sheboygan

Pietje Lyn Markus**                                       Plymouth

Megan Marie Mascipinto**                           Kohler

Cassondra Mae Meyer                                   Waldo

Doug L. Meyer                                                 Sheboygan

Rachel Marie Miley                                        Sheboygan Falls

Edward Charles Moberg                                 Sheboygan

Abigail Lydia Nabak                                        Sheboygan Falls

Bridget Anne Ninmer                                      Sheboygan

ByeongDoo Park                                             South Korea

Cody Joseph Penkwitz                                     Port Washington

Ellen T. Pennings                                             Sheboygan

Jason R. Peters                                                Plymouth

Kelsey Jane Phalin                                           Sheboygan

Elizabeth Michelle Protzmann                        Oostburg

Colonel Rader                                                 Random Lake

Jake Robert Radtke                                         Sheboygan

Chelsea Ann Reineke                                      Sheboygan

Gabriel Juan Reyes                                         Sheboygan

Alex Jeffry Romanoski                                    Kohler

Priscilla Rysewyk                                             Sheboygan Falls

Amber Lydia Saunders                                    Sheboygan

Johanna Maxine Schmidt                                Plymouth

Jeffrey Hyo Schmidt, Jr.*                                Sheboygan

Kurt Ronald Schmitz                                        Plymouth

James Schreurs                                               Waldo

Genevieve Maureen Schroeder                      Sheboygan

Kirk Michael Schuchardt                                 Sheboygan

Joshua Peter Seider* **                                 Sheboygan

Tarran Marie Sippel                                       Cascade

Jessica Lynn Stewart*                                     Sheboygan

Nicole Marie Struck*                                      Kohler

Nathaniel Mark Sutherland                            Kohler

Lue Nhia Thao                                                 Sheboygan

Theresa Theune*                                            Sheboygan

Allison Kate VanStelle                                     Oostburg

Christopher Alan Waas*                                 New Holstein

Amanda Wagner                                             Sheboygan

Justin Michael Walters* **                            Newton

Catherine Washak* **                                   Random Lake

Elizabeth C. Weinhold* **                              Sheboygan Falls

Ashley Jean Wiegerling                                  Plymouth

Kellyn Marie Wieland*                                   Sheboygan

Desiree Jean Wierman*                                 Cleveland

Kyle Joseph Winker                                         Cedar Grove

Ar Blia Xiong* **                                            Sheboygan

Xue Xiong                                                        Sheboygan

Meena Mai Der Yang                                     Sheboygan

Xai Yang                                                          Sheboygan


UW-Milwaukee Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Laura Waite                                                    Sheboygan


UW-Milwaukee Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Administration

Kim Veronica Daugherty                                Sheboygan


UW-Milwaukee Bachelor of Arts in History

Logan Jones                                                     Kohler


UW Oshkosh Bachelor of Liberal Studies in Organizational Administration

Kelly Mc Coy                                                   Sheboygan Falls

Megan VanderPloeg*                                     Sheboygan Falls


UW Oshkosh Bachelor of Science in Education

Anna Bennin                                                    Sheboygan

Abby Telschow                                                Oostburg

Christine Yang                                                 Sheboygan

Eileen Kelm                                                     Sheboygan


UW-Platteville Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Kyle Hagemeier                                              Sheboygan

Scott Hiles                                                       Sheboygan Falls


Carrie Hoppe, UW-Sheboygan Marketing and Communications Director