Stem cell research focus of next Speakers’ Series lecture UW-Sheboygan lecture set for March 4

By UW-Sheboygan

The University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan and its faculty, instructors and staff invite the Sheboygan community to the next Speakers’ Series lecture of the Spring 2014 semester on Tuesday, March 4 at 7 p.m. in the UW-Sheboygan Wombat Room (2114).

UW-Sheboygan Dean Dr. Jacquelyn Joseph-Silverstein will discuss “Understanding Adult Stem Cells and Their Potential for Treating Disease.” Dr. Joseph-Silverstein will share how adult stem cells might someday be used routinely for the successful treatment of some diseases and the basic biology behind the creation of these amazing cells.

“The audience will learn a little bit of basic biology. They will also learn the differences between the various types of stem cells they might read about in the newspapers,” Joseph-Silverstein said. “We will discuss the difference between embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells, and some of the exciting work being done that provides some hope that the field will lead to new and exciting ways to treat diseases like muscular dystrophy and cardiac diseases.”

According to Joseph-Silverstein, it is important for the public to understand the differences between the different types of stem cells, since most stem cells being used experimentally to potentially treat diseases are NOT derived from human embryos.

She added that the topic of stem cells is also one that applies and relates to ALL of us.

“Developmental biology is an awesome field to learn about,” she said. “The development of an organism is as complex and awe-inspiring as a beautiful symphony.”

Prior to joining UW-Sheboygan as Dean and CEO in 2013, Joseph-Silverstein completed her master’s degree in Biology from Emory University and her Ph.D. in Developmental Biology from the City University of New York. She spent two years as a post-doctoral fellow at NYU Medical Center and was a faculty member teaching Developmental and Cell Biology at St. John’s University, where she ran a research lab focusing on the role of a particular chemical signal in the development of the cardiovascular system.

In her years as a researcher, Joseph-Silverstein published more than 20 peer-reviewed articles, reviews and book chapters, and presented at numerous seminars at other universities including MCW and Northwestern University School of Medicine.

Additional topic areas for the Spring 2014 Speakers’ Series will include Shakespeare films and the evolution of Yellowstone’s Old Faithful. All presentations are discussed in an open forum format.

All presentations will be held in the Wombat Room (Room 2114) at 7 p.m. Admission is free to the community, faculty, staff and students. Upcoming presentations also will be held on April 1 and May 6.

For more information on the new Speakers’ Series or UW-Sheboygan, contact Carrie Hoppe, UW-Sheboygan Director of University Relations, at (920) 459-6612 or e-mail


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