Speakers' Series lecture on Leadership Development offered May 6

By UW-Sheboygan

The University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan and its faculty, instructors and staff invite the Sheboygan community to the final Speakers’ Series lecture of the Spring 2014 semester on Tuesday, May 6 at 7 p.m. in the UW-SheboyganWombat Room (2114).

UW-SheboyganAssistant Professor of Health, Exercise Science and Athletics and Associate Dean Dr. Missy Skurzewski-Servant will share a presentation on “Wisdom as a Part of Leader Development.”

Skurzewski-Servant will share information gathered as part of the research she conducted during her doctoral work in leadership studies at Marian University.

“Wisdom is a word that we often use to describe a person who is smart or knowledgeable,” Skurzewski-Servant said. “However, many researchers define wisdom as involving far more than a person’s breadth of knowledge. It involves no only a high level of attained information, but more importantly involves the gaining of positive results from appropriate application of that information by that person, or in this case, the leader.”

In her presentation, Skurzewski-Servant will explain that leaders come in all shapes and sizes and can be found in all dimensions of life, not just in businesses and large organizations.  She will explore models of wisdom as it relates to adult development and leadership and wisdom assessment, as well as how we all can develop as leaders in our personal and professional lives.

Skurzewski-Servant joined UW-Sheboyganin 2008 and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Exercise Science from Ripon College, a Master of Science degree in Kinesiology from UW-Milwaukee and a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies from Marian University.

All presentations are discussed in an open forum format and are held in the Wombat Room (Room 2114) at 7 p.m. Admission is free to the community, faculty, staff and students. Additional lectures for the Fall 2014 semester will be announced in September.

For more information on the new Speakers’ Series or UW-Sheboygan, contact Carrie Hoppe, UW-SheboyganDirector of University Relations, at (920) 459-6612 or e-mail carrie.hoppe@uwc.edu.


Carrie Hoppe, UW-Sheboygan Marketing and Communications Director