Engineering Camp Set for June 19-23

Summer Program Opens Doors for Future Engineers
By UW-Sheboygan

Four area businesses will be working with UW-Sheboygan this summer to provide real-world experience for high school students interested in an engineering career.  These partners include: American Ortho, Bemis Manufacturing Company, Rockline Industries and Viking Masek Global Packaging Technologies. Students in the week-long Engineering Bootcamp will visit each firm to experience first-hand what engineers in various fields do every day. The program, managed by UW-Sheboygan’s Continuing Education Department, is open to high school junior and senior level students. It’s designed to provide career guidance to students by opening their eyes to what various careers in the engineering field are like. Often, students are directed to enter the engineering field, but have no idea what the career path entails, respecting their interests. By exposing students to multiple disciplines of engineering with a  sneak-peek into a day in the life of an engineer, they are better able to make these important career decisions.

For this summer’s program, students will learn about mechanical engineering at American Ortho, manufacturing engineering at Bemis Manufacturing Company, industrial engineering at Rockline Industries and machine engineering at Viking Masek Global Packaging Technologies.  The program includes daily field trip to local industries and businesses to see engineers in their natural environment, and the students will have an opportunity to speak directly with engineers to learn how they chose their career paths. After the morning company tours, the students will come back to the UW-Sheboygan campus and work with Guy Campbell, UW-Platteville Mechanical Engineering Lecturer. Students will discuss the morning tours and will work on their own engineering project throughout the week.

Local company sponsorships have been tremendous. According to Regional Continuing Education Director Holly Wehrhahn, “We actually received more local corporate support than we have for days of the week for the camp! Continuing Education is proud and excited to continue this program and anticipate that it will become a valuable hiring tool for local industries.”

Lecturer Guy Campbell explains that “The exploration of a multi-faceted engineering program is designed to give students a feel for the wide range of things that an engineer might do. Two class options are available—one with college credit ($499, with credit towards engineering degree), and a non-credit option ($299). The Engineering Bootcamp is held at UW-Sheboygan campus during the week of June 19-23. The week-long program includes transportation for the daily field trips to local industries, all project materials, and lunch. Early registration is recommended, as enrollment is limited. For more information about this program, visit or call (920) 459-6617.  UW-Sheboygan is located at One University Drive in Sheboygan. 


Sue Bausch, Regional Director of Communications