Jackie Joseph-Silverstein

Jackie Joseph-Silverstein

Regional Executive Officer/Dean
Office of the Dean
(920) 459-6610

Dr. Joseph-Silverstein holds a Ph.D. from the City University of New York in the Biological Sciences. She began her career at St. John’s University (NYC) where she served as a professor and research scientist, studying the development of the cardiovascular system while teaching a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses.

Over her research career, Dr. Joseph-Silverstein published more than 20 research articles and book chapters. In 1993, as a tenured faculty member she took on her first administrative role and has served in leadership positions in higher education for almost 20 years, including serving as the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs at St. John’s University, an Associate Vice Chancellor at the University of Connecticut where she was responsible for the operation of the Stamford Regional Campus, and most recently as the Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio.

At Cuyahoga Community College, she led the College’s participation in Achieving the Dream (ATD), a national initiative focused on student success, and with her team achieved Leadership College status within that organization. Dr. Joseph-Silverstein’s team worked to build a culture at Cuyahoga that values student success, data-informed decision making, and shared planning and accountability across its four campuses.

Having served in in both private and public, and tw- year and four-year institutions, Dr. Joseph-Silverstein has gained insight into how mission, culture, values and resources shape an institution’s commitment to its students and its community.