What is Work-Study?

Work-Study is federal student aid that is based on need and awarded as part of the total financial aid package.  Most students positions on campus require work-study funding for eligibility.

  • Students must complete the FAFSA (free application for federal student aid) to see if they qualify for work-study. If they do qualify, it will be listed on their PRISM Student Center page under financial aid. Students must accept work-study on their PRISM account before they inquire about jobs.  Contact the campus Solution Center with questions.
  • Students must be enrolled in at least 6 credits during the semester that they want to work. If their enrollment falls below 6 credits, the student is immediately terminated from their student job(s).
  • A student must be enrolled in classes in order to work. If a student withdraws from school, the student is terminated from their student job(s) on the last day of enrollment.
  • A student must make satisfactory academic progress (SAP). In other words, a workstudy student needs to keep moving toward degree completion by earning passing grades and completing at least 2/3 of their classes. If a student has a SAP hold (financial aid suspension) placed on their record, the student may not work until the hold is removed. Contact the campus Solution Center with questions about reinstatement.

Work-Study positions for 2016 - 2017 


Job Description: Work with Athletics Director to staff home games for volleyball, basketball, soccer and tennis.

Business Services Office Assistant

Job Description: Assist the Business Services Office in daily tasks of cashiering, staffing front desk, answer customer questions, resolve customer problems, etc. Must be able to multi-task and have excellent customer service skills.

Box Office Manager

Job Description: Coordinate ticket sales, staff box office, provide assistance during scheduled shows and other tasks as assigned.


Job Description: Serve as a lab assistant and assist Chemistry instructors as needed during laboratory sessions.

Center of Engagement Learning

Job Description: Assist the education office in mailings, correspondence, answering phones and other duties as assigned.

Commons Cafe

Job Description: Assist Food Services Manager with food sales, preparation, etc. in the Commons.

Cyber Café in the Loft

Work in the campus cyber café mainly afternoon and early evening hours. Serve coffee, beverages and light snacks.

Coffee Cart

Serve coffee and light snacks to get students through the day at the Coffee Cart; typically open in the mornings and later afternoons in the Acuity Building Lobby

Distance Education Support

Job Description:  Provide technical assistance to instructors and students in the Distance Education classrooms. Duties include but are not limited to: opening DE classrooms; using touch panels to start-up and shut down equipment; making audio, video and web conference connections; doing sound and video checks; assisting instructors and students with equipment operations; monitoring class and live streams for quality assurance; troubleshooting problems during class; documenting and reporting problems; contacting others for assistance as needed; locking rooms at conclusion of classes; enforcement of classroom rules.

Training will be provided on all equipment and resources. Need not be computer proficient.

Fine Arts Department

Job Description: Work with Fine Arts Gallery Director and Art Department to prepare, hang and clean artwork for Gallery exhibits and other tasks as assigned.


Job Description: Assist patrons at circulation desk; support Library staff with daily library support work such as check in/out library materials; shelve books, newspapers and magazines; retrieve back issues of magazines; stamp, label and tape new materials

Maintenance Department

Job Description: Provide custodial services to maintain the cleanliness of the campus buildings.  Including but not limited to the following: sweep, vacuum, mop, wash windows and walls, dust, empty waste receptacles, clean tables and whiteboards, replenish supplies, perform miscellaneous housekeeping duties.  The appointment will require a criminal background check.

Solution Center

The Solution Center is looking to hire one work-study eligible student.


The Theatre is looking to hire two work-study eligible students.

America Reads/Counts Program

Job Description: Work with K-5 elementary school age students off campus. Listen to students read, guide students using reading strategies and guide students in math skills.

Student Services Office Assistant

Job Description: Staff front desk in Student Services Office, answer student questions regarding application/enrollment and registration processes, update bulletin board, answer telephone, give campus tours, prepare information packets, registration processing, typing, filing, and general office duties.

Pre-College Coach

Job Description: Assisting Pre-College Advisor in planning, coordinating, implementing and evaluating the students in the Pre-College program, serve as a role model to students, chaperone student field trips, respond to students’ concerns and behaviors, and act a liaison between students and Pre-College Advisor.

Peer Tutor in Student Success Center

Job Description: Provide academic support that supplements classroom instruction to students through individual or small group tutoring sessions, create a positive and encouraging environment, communicate with instructors where necessary and model appropriate academic and social behavior.

Note Taker

Job Description: Take lecture notes in one or more of your classes on behalf of another student who is receiving accommodations through the University. Must be approved by faculty member and meet with the Student Success Center Advisor.
Rate of pay: $25 per credit lump-sum at end of semester


Job Description: Assistant Director/ Stage Manager needed for fall and spring theatre production. This person will help with auditions, rehearsals and running performances from back stage.