Additional Fees

Campus printing account

  • Each semester students are provided a $10.00 credit for use of computer printers. You will receive a warning when your account balance is low.
  • When that amount is depleted, students must add additional monies to their account.
  • Stop at the Business Services to add additional money.
  • The minimum payment is $2.00. Payment accepted in whole dollars.
  • The printing account is updated at the time additional money is paid.

Concurrent Enrollment Fees

Students who are enrolled at UW-Sheboygan and another UW System university may be entitled to a reduced tuition charge at either UW-Waukesha or the other campus. If your total credits are more that 12 credits, you may qualify. Stop at the Business Services Office if you think that you might qualify.

You will need to provide the following information:

  • The other campus's registration/enrollment statement showing the total credits taken for the semester.
  • A paid receipt from their bursar showing tuition is paid in full.
  • Your address and telephone number.

Business Servies will review your situation and reduce your charges if applicable.

You are still responsible for paying your UW-Sheboygan tuition at our campus by the campus deadline/due dates

Distance Education, NODE, and Special Course Fees

Special Course/CV & Distance Ed fees are non-refundable after the second week of the term. These are additional, required lab/course fees that are charged as follows:

  • $10.00 ART 100, ART 101, ART 161, ART 261 
  • $15.00 ART 111, ART 211 
  • $40.00 CTA 130
  • $48.00 ART 181
  • $60.00 MAT 221, MAT 222
  • $10.00 per credit will be charged to the following courses: CHI 101, CHI 201
  • $15.00 per credit will be charged to the following courses: ANT 102, CHE 343, CPS 130,
    CPS 255, CPS 260, EGR 201, EGR 263, EGR 282, FRE 101, MAT 234, MUS 271, PHY 141, PHY 205,                 SPA 101, SPA 201

New Student Fee

Upon admission all new degree seeking and transfer students to UW-Sheboygan are assessed a non-refundable $115.00 new student fee to cover administrative, orientation, and placement testing costs.

No Show Policy

  1. If you do not attend your first class session and have not contacted your instructor, you may be dropped from the course.  However, it is the responsibility of the student to completely drop or withdraw from the course(s) to avoid tuition and/or late fee charges.
  2. If you do not attend any of your first class sessions, you will be administratively withdrawn from UW-Sheboyganand you will be charged a $50 mandatory Withdrawal Fee.

Non-Sufficient Funds Checks Returned Fees

There is a $20 non-sufficient funds (NSF) charge plus additional bank charges for checks returned to UW-Sheboygan for insufficient funds or account closures. A returned check could result in your account being assessed an administrative late payment penalty fee of $50-$100, in addition to the amount of the returned check and bank fees.