Pre-College Programming

What is the Pre-College Program?

Pre-College programming is designed to help area youth in their college preparation. UW-Sheboygan offers a number of different opportunities:

Youth Options
8th Grade Visits

Why is the Pre-College Program Important?

Pre-College outreach programs and schools share the same missions of preparing students for success. The result is typically the success of a limited number of students, while others in need are left to fend for themselves.

Rigorous Academic preparation, long-term relationships, supportive peer groups, financial assistance, cultural sensitivity-- these are some of the factors that characterize the most successful pre-college outreach programs, programs that are substantially increasing the college-going rates of students under-represented in higher education.

Pre-College Advisor

Our Pre-College Advisor serves as liaison to first-generation college students and others, assisting them in bridging the gap between achievement in high school to students successful performance at the college level at the University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan. They also serve as a resource for high school and middle school personnel in matters related to students’ preparation.

Pre-college activitystudent activity

Pre-College Programming for High School Students

The UW-Sheboygan Pre-College Program is designed for under-represented youth in grades 9-12. This free program focuses on college preparation. Students work closely with UW-Sheboygan students who serve as mentors.

Students will:

  • focus on personal and school needs
  • receive information on financial aid, college and career exploration, and
  • enjoy personal development during workshops.

Participants will increase self-confidence, learn how to handle new challenges, build study skills and discover how education fits into their future. If you are interested in participating in the Pre-College Program please contact Elisa Waltz at (920) 459-5956.