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Alternative Careers in Teaching (act!) Program

About Act!

The Alternative Careers in Teaching program (act!) is an individually tailored, alternative pathway to initial Wisconsin licensure as a secondary (grades 6-12) mathematics or science teacher or as a Technology Education teacher (grades K-12). The program is tailored to adult career-changers looking for an alternative path to licensure that is flexible, fast and convenient.

Act! is a partnership with UW-OshkoshUW-Manitowoc, UW-Marinette, UW-Fox Valley, UW-Fond du Lac and UW-Sheboygan.

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For more information about the program and how to apply, please visit Alternative Careers in Teaching program (act!).

Program Statistics

Title II Report

BS - Human Services Leadership

The nationally accredited UWO Human Service Leadership program provides a course of study that prepares students for human services administration and management, and, to serve in key leadership positions in human services locally and across the world.

The UW College System is an integral partner in the collaborative degree program, providing pre-advising to potential HSL Collaborative degree students and hosting courses regionally. The academic excellence and educational preparation offered through the Colleges lay the foundation for successful HSLC students. The UW-Extension provides technical assistance in instructional design and vital technological connections for the program’s distance education delivery.

The Collaborative Degree Program advantage:

  • The HSLC degree program fits the career path of traditional and non-traditional students
  • General education courses are completed through the associate (AAS) degree program at the UW College and the credits transfer to UWO. Students enter the HSLC program as juniors.
  • UWO Human Services Leadership courses and field placements are held in the region for an in-demand degree; students don’t need to travel to the UW-Oshkosh campus for courses
  • Dedicated, well trained faculty with diverse education and experience provide instruction and mentoring to students
  • Small class size and cohorts allow students to know instructors and fellow students well
  • Students have access to the UW-Oshkosh and UW College libraries, technology, and academic support system
  • Consortium agreements with collaborating institutions make financial aid available for qualifying students
  • Field placements provide experiences for students to apply learning in local agencies and build mentoring relationships with leaders in the community
  • The community and its stakeholders benefit from the involvement of students who are trained in cutting-edge and research-based best practice in the industry
  • Read more at Collaborative Degree Advantage

For more information contact the UW-Sheboygan Student Affairs office at 459-6633, or at www.uwosh.edu/collabdegree/hs 

Transfer credits? Most students transfer approximately 60 credits to UW Oshkosh. Credits now transfer easier than ever! Contact an advisor to find out how to apply your credits to this program.

To enroll or for more information, contact:

UW-Sheboygan: 920-459-6633
UW-Oshkosh: 920-424-0115 

BS in Education (Pre-K-Grade 6 licensure)

This degree program with UW-Oshkosh will offer students a BS degree leading to licensure in teaching Pre-K to Grade 6. All classes will be taught on the UW-Sheboygan campus and are designed to build upon the Associate's degree program offered by UW-Sheboygan. UW-Oshkosh professors will be on campus to teach classes for the full cohort project. The Sheboygan BS-Education program will function as a cohort model offering courses in multiple delivery formats, including accelerated learning, online, distance education and collaborative community-based training. A UW-Oshkosh advisor will hold regular appointments on the campus for students enrolled in the program. For program and course details, as well as information on the admission process, email program advisor Suzanne Doemel doemels@uwosh.edu, or check in Student Affairs or call (920) 459-6633.

UW-Oshkosh BS-Education (Pre-K-Grade 6 licensure) Program